In 2006, the charity was founded for the purpose of relieving poverty through the operation of a clothing bank. The organization then adopted 4 values to guide the operation   DIGNITY, COMPASSION, COMMUNITY & HOPE


These factors are important when working with the community programs.


Mental illness, Addiction, Anger management Issue, Limited Education and Employment Skills, Unexpected Job Loss, Disasters: Fire, Flooding, Accidents.

Community Clothing Programs


We offer several different programs with a goal to improve the community well-being, and to help those in need & crisis

Help Us with Legacy/Planned Giving

Our Charity financial planning and budgeting was and is a major challenge. We are charity supported by community efforts financially and by volunteering. The goal no 1 is to become sustainable and help community in need

Fast Forward of Our Operations
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We  operate a clothing bank through a retail storefront (The Clothing Center) open to the public.  All donations are dropped off at the clothing center, relying totally on community involvement.  We offer no pick-up service as operating at a  low budget.  We serve REFERRAL  cutomers and public.  Customers can select all they prefer for they needs.  If purchasing, all goods have a posted pricing model that is a fraction of thrift store pricing.



By welcoming the public to shop and purchase at the low prices, they can see what is being done with their donations and experience the environment we provide.  Our friendly community supported environment allows people to shop with dignity and to afford a few extras.  This promotes some sense of independence and dignity.  Once they no longer qualify or need clothing assistance, they have a place where they can pay their own way for as long as they want or need to.



As an organization, we have established partnership with over 150 social service agencies serving our city in some way or another. They  provide client referrals for the people they work with and are in crisis.  We also welcome public to make purchaseing and same support our organization

Our Deals



Adult Bag Day

 Fill a Bag with clothing for $20


  An amazing offer where you can fill a bag with all the clothing you want



is a SENIOR day

is a STUDENT day


Enjoy your 50% off

Baby and Children Bag Day


 Fill a bag of clothing for children 0-14yo


For just $10!

Buy One Get One

Your Second Item is FREE


Two for the Price of one. Even with our prices this low you get even better deals!

CCA Silent Auction -  Fundraising Activity


Every month CCA holds multiple silent auctions which can be found at the front of the store.


What is in there?:

We set aside some interesting items we find for the auction. Don't miss out on these!


When does the auction take place?:

The auction starts at the beginning of every month ending on the last day of the month. The winners are then contacted shortly after around the start of the next month.


Where is it?:

The Auction can be found at the front of the store against the wall. There you can find all of the items up for auction. 


How can you enter:

When you find an item you wish to bid on go the cashier and they will help you with your bid.

Donate Your Clothing To  CCA


Please support all local people in need. We accept donation of clothes, some household items and of course monetary donations.


Community Clothing Assistance

Get Involved and Help our Charity!


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Our Mission:

To assist in the relief of poverty among poor families and people in crisis with an emphasis on community supported clothing assistance programs.