Our Community Programs

THE GOAL is  to improve the community around us, provide opportunities and take away some stress from  those in need.

Referral Program


Providing Free clothing to people in need


Through our community partners (150) like Shelter House, BISNO, etc. refer their clients to CCA for free clothing


Clients will recieve:

- 3 Pairs of Pants

- 3 Shirts / Blouses

- 3 Sets of Underwear

- 3 Pairs of Socks

- 1 Jacket

- 1 Sweater / Hoodie

- 1 Pair of Shoes


Clients can return with a new referral every 3 months to get cloths for each season.

Affordable Clothing Program


Providing affordable clothing to the public at prices 1/3rd that of thrift stores


At CCA it costs approximately $15 to buy a complete outfit including shoes and sweater or fill a bag with as much clothing as can fit.  Even at a thrift store the same would cost upwards of $250.


  • To make it possible for clients to provide for themselves and remain self sufficient even on limited incomes.
  • To lessen the stigma of poverty by providing quality clothing at unbeatable prices so people can feel comfortable while going through their lives.

This program targets low-income individuals and families.  This may include people escaping domestic abuse situations, social assistance recipients, senior citizens, people with disabilities, people in crisis and those unaccustomed to accepting or asking for charity.



Providing a FREE and NEW 7-Day supply of underwear and socks to children in need


This program serves children aged 4-14.  We have been helping families through this project since 2007, helping close to 6000 children with nearly 800 helped each year and rising.  We rely on support and donations from the community to successfully run this program.

Our partners in this program are the Christmas Cheer Foundation and UNIFOR local 229 and many more


As a Donor:

  • You can help to fight the poverty in our local community

  • You can help our young generation to grow in comfort

  • You can help to provide a feeling of Dignity, Compassion and Hope to the children and families who benefit from this project

  • You can help build confidence in kids and also reduce anxiety and stress that kids experience when they have to go to school without these bare necessities

  • You can help  the kids lead a hygienic lifestyle and stay physically healthy

  • You will get the satisfaction that your contribution has touched the lives of children who need our help


HOW- Hands On Work Program


Pre-employment training and skill building in a relaxed and supportive environment to ensure a positive work placement outcome for people in crisis


This program is offered to:

-   People refered to us by institutions such as March of Dimes, YES Employment, Northwest Employment Works (NEW), etc.

-    Students can self-refer from Lakehead University, Confederation College, high schools, etc.

Students can also use this program to complete their community hours and Adult education - High school.


What you get:

-   Full job training and Certificate of Completion

-   Letter of Reference

-   Chance to improve your social skills such as communication and

-   Preperation for a work life

-   Improved confidence for job interviews

-   The ability to be more independant

-   Improved emotional well-being and self-confidence

-   Workshops which can help participants overcome personal obstacles


Partner Project: Dress For Success

This program provides special event clothing. The goal is to reduce the stress of interviews or other important events by allowing you to go while dressed your best.


How to Refer Someone


Referring people is a simple task. Just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. First an agency wishing to participate in the program must contact CCA for a Partnership agreement contract that needs to be filled  and returned.
  2. Once the agreement contract has been signed the agency will be provided with referral access and a form which needs to be  filled with the details of the client who is being referred.  NOTE: For each client a separate Referral entry must be filled.
  3. The computerized referral system is online  and the the manual - hard copy  form  is   given to the client  who must present it at CCA frontdesk to get their free clothing.

Find Our Program Video Here

Providing FREE & NEW 7-Day supply of underwear and socks to children in need - 4-14 yo.

Providing FREE clothing to people in need.  Partnering with over 150 organizations refering clients in crisis

Providing affordable clothing to the public in need at a symbolic price

Referral Program
UnderCover Project
Affordable Clothing
HOW Hands on Work Program

Pre-Employment training and skill building in a relaxed and supportive environment

Providing FREE clothing clothing and other items they may need on the spot.

Homeless Walk-in Program
Dress For Success

Providing event clothing, for overcoming the stress of interviews or other events.